The Stobart Group

The Stobart Group

Stobart Group is an infrastructure and support services business which owns and manages a range of key infrastructure sites and operates business divisions delivering critical support services to the energy, aviation and railway maintenance sectors. Benefitting from recent consolidation and a fresh streamlined structure, the Group is ideally positioned to accelerate sustainable growth, deliver shareholder value and provide on-going investment returns.

01 - Million



Group revenue for the year ending 28 February 2017 was 129.4 million, with underlying EBITDA of £35.0 million.

02 - Superbrand



Quality, service, performance and sustainability are values inherent to the Stobart Group brand, which also counts exemplary employment and environmental practices among its core principles. Consequently Stobart has been recognised as a Business Superbrand for nine consecutive years.

Stobart Group has licence agreements in place for its brand.

03 - Employees



With more than 1000 employees across five divisions, our people are the heart of the business and key to the successful growth of Stobart Group.

04 - FTSE



Stobart Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: STOB). The Group is committed to providing long-term and sustainable growth for its shareholders.


Stobart Group is one of the UK’s leading Infrastructure and Support Service businesses operating in the biomass energy, aviation and railway maintenance sectors as well as having investments in a national property and logistics portfolio.

Our core areas of expertise are set out below and they form the common principles that run throughout Stobart.

Efficient Operations
We strive for efficiency in everything we do.

We identify opportunities and take advantage of those which present themselves.

Customer Service
A fundamental principle of everything we do is first class customer service.

Logistics Excellence
Stemming from our heritage, this underpins all of our businesses, whether moving products or people.

What sets us apart
Proactive Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSQE) Management. All of our operations operate in regulated industries which drives a proactive HSQE culture.

Advanced MI Systems
Investment and bespoke development of real-time systems to drive operational efficiency and profitability.

Strategic Investments
We invest into associated businesses which will support us in our goals.

Maximise Margins
Whilst revenue is important, improving margins and driving profitability is paramount.

The Best People
Our people strategy has a strong focus on learning and development and we run highly successful 3P (People, Performance, Progress) management and leadership programmes.

High Performance Culture
The Stobart can-do culture is woven through every part of our business with our people striving toward achieving success and solutions.

Attention to Detail
Our experience running a low margin business has driven a philosophy of attention to detail across the business.

Best in Class
Striving to be the market leaders, the Stobart brand is synonymous with high quality.