Corporate Social Responsibility

A Responsible Business

Stobart Group is committed to being a responsible business, making a positive contribution to the society and environment in areas of which we operate. The Group works with stakeholders to understand their expectations in all areas of corporate social responsibility. Our credentials in these areas are increasingly influencing our ability to attract and retain customers, employees and investors. This also underpins out licences to operate, by strengthening our relationships with local communities, industry partners and regulators.

Responsible to our People

Our people are our most important asset; we aim to attract the right people for the right roles and ensure they are fully supported to grow and develop within our business to reach their full potential.

Responsible Safety

The safety of our people is vital to being a responsible business. We actively aim to ensure that all Stobart employees remain safe whilst carrying out their day-to-day activities. This is reinforced by our ‘Just Culture’ ethos.

Responsible Environmental Efficiency

Stobart Group aims to continuously review and investigate initiatives to reduce its consumption of energy, waste and water and where possible, report our actual and target levels.

Responsible to our Communities

Stobart aims to actively engage with stakeholders and local communities within all areas of our business to provide ongoing support with community development initiatives and to make a positive contribution to the area in which we operate.


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Group’s approach is overseen on behalf of the Board by our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, which comprises a number of senior managers from across the Group and is chaired by Chief Financial Officer, Richard Laycock.

Each Committee member has a specific area of expertise and clearly defined responsibilities, ensuring that each operating division and every employee is represented and considered.

Committee meetings are held monthly and cover the issues that our stakeholders consider to be most significant to our strategy, including:

  • Stobart People
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Environmental Responsibilities
  • Community Initiatives