Community and environment


Positive engagement with local communities is at the heart of our CSR programme as we aim to minimise our negative impact and ensure we act as a ‘responsible neighbour’.

Since the development of the ‘Get Involved’ programme in 2014, the Group has encouraged employees to be more hands-on with their approach to connecting with local communities and charitable activities.

Stobart Group does not make financial or other donations to any political parties or organisations.


Environmental Responsibility

Stobart Group is fully committed respecting and protecting the environment and builds environmental sustainability into each business function and process. We regularly review and investigate ways to reduce our energy, waste and water usage.

In 2016 we achieved the following:

  • Reduction of 15.1% in Co2 emissions per £m revenue.
  • Established a basline and target for Co2 reduction.
  • Implentation of a new vehicle efficiency managment tool.
  • Further accrediatation of biomass products at Shoreham.
  • Completion of a new solar farm at london Southend Airport producing around 20% of the airport's electricity requirement.
  • Recycling of 84% of our general waste.


Emissions Target

In 2016 the Group established a target of reducing tonnes per £m revenue by 25% by 2020, from our 2015 baseline. We measure our progress against target on an annual basis and publish results in our Annual Report and Accounts.