Carlisle Lake District Airport becomes Evacuation Centre

A full emergency was declared over the weekend of 5-6 December 2015 at Carlisle Lake District Airport as a result of the extreme weather and flooding in Cumbria caused by Storm Desmond. The airport was opened throughout the night especially for evacuees who were being airlifted to the airport via helicopters from their flood affected homes.

The airport initiated its Emergency Orders and setup it Survival Reception Centre for the inbound passengers. Additional airport personnel were called in to assist with handling the incident as the inbound aircraft also required fuel. During the following five days, a total of 23 refuels were completed. These ranged from search and rescue helicopters (Sea Kings and Sikorsky S-92s), Air Ambulances to media and utility helicopters.

Floor victims who arrived at Carlisle Lake District Airport were given dry clothing, food and shelter and it was decided that the they were safer stopping in the airport’s Survival Reception Centre over night due to the lack of accommodation available in the City as a result of the extreme weather.

A sterling effort by all involved given the challenging circumstances.


Thursday, 10 December 2015